Business Insurance


Australia’s Restaurant Industry is one of the most significant drivers of the nation’s economy.

Creating employment opportunities, consuming locally supplied goods and providing a meeting place and for tourists and the local community, the Restaurant sector allows many Australian communities to thrive. Such great responsibility should be backed up with a comprehensive insurance policy.

From the kitchen to the dining table, the challenges of running a Restaurant are unique. And so are the risks. In the commotion of a busy kitchen and restaurant environment, potential for something to go wrong is great, from kitchen fires, to food poisoning and everything in between. When life serves up the unexpected, you require Restaurant Insurance that can address your specialised needs and protect the business, staff and customers.

Restsurance specialise in Restaurant Insurance. Through leading insurers, we can offer a comprehensive range of products that can be tailored to suit your business needs, whatever the property type that needs to be covered.

We understand the unique risks and challenges of operating within the Restaurant sector. Whether you run a small country cafe or a cosmopolitan restaurant, we know your business is unique and you need a policy that’s tailored to the specifics. While restaurants, cafes and fine dining establishments are often collated under the same umbrella, we recognise that each have different risks and needs. We are able to build a specific solution to meet your insurance requirements.